What if I am having issues continuing my course?

/What if I am having issues continuing my course?

What if I am having issues continuing my course?

A: If they continue button is not working, try selecting previous or refreshing the browser. If it still is not working, try clearing your browser history then open the course in a new browser. If you still press continue and nothing is happening contact customer care.

B: When I select submit nothing happens. Reread the last sentence and make sure you completed the interaction completely. Sometimes the questions ask for more than one answer or they are not matching up correctly. Also, you can select previous or skip links and come back to the activity later with your instructor and make sure your submission is correct.

C: Try left clicking the button and select open in a new window. The page should open in a new window and continue with the course.

D: Contact customer care at 1-800-533-8095.


All email confirmations are down until further notice. This includes students enrollment, instructors and school admins confirmation for course sections. The site is operating as normal and is usable otherwise.