Add an Instructor or Teacher Existing Section

//Add an Instructor or Teacher Existing Section
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How to Add an Instructor or Teacher to Existing Section

Step 1) Login into your account, navigate to the admin section of the site.

Step 2) Select the course you would like to add the instructor or teacher to.

Step 3) Then select the section you would like to add instructor to. If you don’t have a section setup or not sure how, see “How to Setup a Section” in School Admin FAQs.

The section will open up automatically.

Step 4) Click-on Edit Section and the sections details will open.

Step 5) Scroll down to the instructor section, listed as #3. You will see existing instructor(s) and on the left hand side form to enter new instructor.

Step 6) Enter the instructor’s First and Last name and email address.

Please note you can select more than one existing instructor, but you can select either existing or new not both.

Step 7) Check if you want this instructor to have admin access.

Step 8) Then scroll down to Category Options and select whether this instructor will be Reviewing the course section, enrolling students or uploading students into the class section.

Step 9) Review your additions and click on submit. You will be redirected to the section page with a success message at the top.

All email confirmations are down until further notice. This includes students enrollment, instructors and school admins confirmation for course sections. The site is operating as normal and is usable otherwise.