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How to Use the Admin Platform?

Course Side Entry Page

Step 1) Log into the site and you will be on the entry page. From this page you can click on settings and update your name, email and password. Also, you will see all active course sections that you are assigned as an instructor.

Step 2) You can click on the course filter to see all, concluded or active course sections.

Step 4) If you notice the icon to the left of the section name will show the status of the section, underway yellow dots, pending (registering) hour glass and concluded green check. To enter a section click on the section name.

Step 5) To download documents for the course click on the paper icon with the down arrow. If the course does not have the paper icon then there are no documents to download.

Step 6) To enter the admin side of the site, click on the ‘Go to Admin Area’ button.

Admin Entry Page

On the admin entry page, you will see:

  • Links to course sections
  • Course filter
  • Course history
  • Instructors
  • Students profiles

Step 1) Click on the course status filter and view active, all and concluded courses.

Step 2) Click on course history and view all admin activity for the course.

Step 3) Click on manage sections to add and/or edit a course sections.   

Manage Section Page

Step 1) You will enter the manage sections page, where you will see all sections created for this course. You will see:

  • Section’s Name
  • Code (for enrollment)
  • Course name
  • Section number
  • Instructors teaching the section
  • Students enrolled or registered
  • Section dates and status.

Step 2) To create a section click on add a section button. You will have to complete the following fields to complete:

  1. Enter section name
  2. Select dates – enrollment, class start and end date
  3. Select an existing instructor(s) OR enter a new instructor (If you have to add an existing and new instructors to enter, you will have to do one, submit and then go back in and edit the section, to add the other one. If you select existing instructor and enter a new one, only the new instructor will get an email confirmation.)
  4. Select the type of section will be reviewing, enrolling or uploading students
  5. Click on submit

For more detail directions on how to create a section, go to ‘How to Add a Section‘.

Step 2) To edit a current sections, click on the sections name. Then select edit section button.

Once you enter the section editing page, you can update the section name, change dates, add or remove instructors and resend email confirmation if you change students will be uploaded or enrolling.

Section Page

Step 1) If you select a section’s name on manage section you will be redirected to section page. On this page you can view the section details:

  • Section Name
  • Course
  • Section Number
  • Section Code
  • Instructor(s) teaching the section
  • Section dates
  • Students Enrolled

You can select the following links and buttons:

  • Add/View Sections – to go back and view all sections under the course.
  • Add or Upload a student(s) (This options is only available for username accounts. Please contact us if you want to have this option at 1-800-533-8095) – you can upload a CSV or add individual students. To learn more go to ‘How to Add or Upload Students to a Section‘.
  • Edit Section – to edit the section’s details that you are viewing, add or remove instructor(s).
  • Enter Classroom – to enter the course section and view the student’s or instructor’s side.
  • Delete Section – to completely delete a section.

Step 2) You can transfer a student to another existing section that is under the same course. Scroll down to the student you wish to transfer, click on assign to section dropdown and select the section you wish the student to transfer to, followed by selecting update.

For more details go to ‘How to Transfer Student between Sections‘.

Step 3) You can also suspend a student by finding the student and click on suspend, then update. The student will not be able to view the course section when they login.

Students Page

Step 1) To edit a student’s profile or see all students registered in your school or Parish, click on students located at the top left hand side. You will enter the students page.

The following student’s details will show:

  • Students full name
  • Email and/or username
  • Course they are enrolled in
  • Active or disable
  • Last time they logged in

You can search by:

  • First or Last name
  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Currently enrolled status – Actively in a section(s) or not and all.

Step 2) To view a student full profile, click on the students name. You will be able to edit students profile and rest password.

Step 3) Also, you will see all the course sections they are enrolled in. You can click on manage sections and you will be redirect you to that section.

Instructors Page

Step 1) To view all the instructors in your school or Parish or edit their profile, click on instructors located in the top left hand side. You will enter the instructors page.

The following details will show:

  • Instructor(s) full name
  • Email addresses
  • Whether or they are admins
  • Active or Disabled

You search for instructors by:

  • First or Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Active or Disabled

Step 2) You can add an instructor by clicking on add instructor and complete the form. But they will not get any email confirmation. The new instructor can go to login page and select forgot my password to finish setting up their account.

Step 3) To edit or view an instructors profile and all their sections they are teaching, select the instructor’s name and you will be directed to the instructor’s profile page.

You will be able to view:

  • Instructor’s full name
  • Email address
  • Whether they are a admin (If it does not say admin, then they are not.)
  • All the course sections they are teaching.

Step 4) You can edit the instructors name, email address and make them admins by clicking on edit instructor button.

Step 5) To reset their password just click on reset password and enter the new password in.

Step 6) Also, you can view any section they are teaching by clicking on manage section button.